Dolby ADM-File Export - only with locators, or is there more?

Hi folks,

just stumbling over a perhaps small problem.

Have recorded some audio for experiments and want to generate Dolby Atmos only for certain pieces of the whole recording. In other words, just skip the other pieces of the recording.

Did not get an Arrangement with a certain sequence to export correctly. Only the two locators can be used to set start and end time.

Is it me doing something wrong, or is this as it is today?

Is there perhaps a workaround, which makes the ADM-Export only pick the parts I want?

Are the Cycle Markers perhaps the solution?

LG, Juergi

You should be able to use the arrangement tool. Flatten it.
Undo flatten (or revert to previous saved version)

That’s why they are available…

You should mark the section you want to export with something, the intention is to use markers…

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Thx Erik, flattening the project did the trick.