Dolby Atmos->Binaural rendering

So, looked at the video and finally got something going. I’m wanting to use the Dolby Renderer to create some compelling 3d movement, but so far no luck.
-Using the objects as FX - you have to assign a fixed distance, so even if you move the source around in a circle around the centre, you only really appear to get left-right panning with a bit of distance, with no difference between front and back. The distances all work, but it seem weird to have to choose a fixed position.
-Thinking I was clever, I used the Bed assignment instead; this allows me to assign different distances to the different channels - logically, front would be near, rear L-R would be far, and mid L-R would be Mid. I figured this would do what I want - but again, this appears to make little difference - it only works with stereo and up, and then the panning/rotation of the signal makes no difference - it all sounds the same.

I’m confused how this is supposed to work - and so far am getting better results with something like DearVR or Waves’s NX - the latter sounds the best despite not even really supposed to be a binaural panner.
But DearVR isn’t that convincing, and NX has no height difference.
I’ve heard better demos from Roland RSS, and that’s about 20-30 years old!!!

Am I missing a trick here? The features are all very comprehensive - but the results so far underwhelming - I appreciate the binaural rendering is probably a sideshow to the full Atmos implementation, but still…

i´m getting the best results with Nuendo and Acustica Audio - Sienna Sphere.
It samples the room and also the speakers, so you have a better impression of being in a Atmos room and feel the speakers, and it makes your mix to translate very well in a real Atmos room.

But yes, the there is a loss in binaural, it´s not like the 3D experience in a real Atmos room.

Also to have a good experience with Sienna Sphere you need a very good hphone like Audeze LCD-X.

Until now i´m happy with the results checking the ADM on the official Dolby Atmos room in Brazil.

For binaural it´s nicer with Sienna Sphere also, never tried the waves one.

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