Dolby Atmos - Dom's Tutorial IS WRONG ! No Sound from Headphones

We did everything that was said in the video one by one. We checked every step. But there is absolutely no sound from the headphones. Dom’s video is completely wrong. There is NO SOUND

What to do to hear “binaural” through headphones, where can we find an official explanation?

Look what he said in the video;

“We have our dolby atmos renderer right here and we have our beds and here we can start adding our objects now because in this case i’m wearing headphones i’m going to change my down mix to binaural and now let’s listen to this you will hear that there’s already a big difference compared to the stereo mix”

But this steps are WRONG !

I am not sure what has happened then. I followed Dom’s video and everything worked as expected.

So you say “you can hear from the headphones” ?

Yes I can

Well good for you friend. We are 3 dudes here, we can’t figure it out, no way to hear anything with Dolby Renderer

Can you please tell me your steps ?

I imagine you’ll get tons of help on this one.


Sure buddy, although they are the same as Dom’s video.
Make sure project is 48k with 512 buffer,
Click ADM authoring and run set up assistant, tick all 3 tick boxes. At this point you should have a bed and should now be able to hear your mix through both your speakers and headphones. Assuming you can then set downmix to binaural, add objects from your tracks, making sure you leave something in the bed and then mix as required.
I am uncertain as to why you would not be able to hear your mix through headphones. Can you hear it through your speakers?
I think I, and people here may need more information from yourselfs in order to trouble shoot this issue.
…just had a thought, are you using the control room? (not sure if it would affect it but I am using it)

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1- The Beginning

8 Mono Tracks Loaded
48k 512buffer
We can hear everything

2- ADM Authoring & Setup Assistant for Dolby Atmos
All 3 boxes ticked Default Values (Renderer 7.1.4 and Bed 7.1.2)

At this point after Setup Assistant WE LOST THE SOUND - NO AUDIO

3- Create Object from Selected Tracks

Created objects from channels & VSTMultiPanned them
Still No Sound ! As you see Dolby Rendered seems working (except LFE channel)

No sound with Binaural/7.1/etc from Headphones or Speakers

So please can you tell us, what are we missing ?


I’m confused. You have a stereo interface and you have stereo outputs assigned. But you’re not downmixing in the Atmos renderer, right?

During the assisted setup, are outputs automatically assigned for the 7.1.4 output?

Because if everything is routed to the 7.1.4 output and you haven’t routed those signals then of course you hear nothing. So what does the “audio connections” look like now after having gone through these steps.

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Try using the control room as your audio connections


The problem would seem to be the control room. Someone else I am speaking too is also having issues and they are not using the control room. I believe this is the issue. If you set up your control room (just as a standard stereo out) the ADM “magic” happens without any real thought about routing! :slight_smile:

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Sorry, can you please tell the steps ?

Well yes that solved…Control Room activated & we can hear sound now

That was missing in Dom’s video (also audio connection type was missing too)

Thank you @Nick_Ruggles and @MattiasNYC

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No worries, glad it’s sorted. Have fun!! :grinning:

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I have opened and checked the exported file in Sound Forge. There are 16 channels, but the first 8 channels are empty
Is this ok ?
Dolby Conversion App says: 16 channels & 8 Objects & 1 Beds (7.1)
(I had 8 mono channels & used 7.1 renderer)


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How about this ? 16 channels in the WAV & 8 is empty @Highly-Controversial @MattiasNYC @Nick_Ruggles