Dolby Atmos guidance needed

Looking for some guidance please. I am seriously considering using Nuendo 11 for an upcoming project. However I need to be sure this will work in advance as from what I understand I will have to buy Nuendo 11 to find out as there doesn’t appear to be a trial option.
I will be taking 2T mixes from music videos (all with artist permission !!) and want to upmix to Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 and be able to export an ADM BWAV for each.- will I need Penteo Pro or a similar 3rd party plugin?
I am hoping initially to monitor of headphones only - will I need DearVR or a similar 3rd party plugin?
Will I be able to take advantage of Job Queues?
Will Nuendo 11 be the right fit?
Will really appreciate some helpful advice.
Best regards,