Dolby Atmos in ALL versions of Cubase

Pretty much it’s all in the title. Literally THE ONLY REASON I’m looking at upgrading to Cubase Pro is for Atmos rendering. I’ve even downloaded the free trial of dolby renderer to see if I can find a workaround to get it to work in Cubase Elements 12. I don’t know if anyone has found a way to do so yet, or if there even IS a way. I really don’t want to spend $300 + just for this ONE THING.

Seems like if you are doing the type of work that requires atmos mixing, you would want Pro anyways for the added feature set?

Either way, of course there are different features in different versions. That’s what makes them different versions.

The Cubase update sale is still on so it’s the best time to get it. Even if you only need one thing, you get a lot more. And if Atmos keeps growing as expected, I don’t think you will be disappointed going forward with the pro version.

Im afraid ,that’s the way it is . You could always buy the Dolby renderer ?

I feel like if you’re doing Atmos work, you’re going to end up needing a lot more than just one thing.

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External renderer only works with Nuendo, IIRC. So to surmise:

  1. Atmos requires surround support (Cubase Pro).

  2. Cubase (even Pro) does not support the external renderer. You need Nuendo for full-fledged Atmos production support.