Dolby Atmos Meter not working & LFE object assignment not working

Hi guys

I’m trying to setup a session from scratch in Nuendo 12.0.40.

When I assign my audio tracks as objects the meters and the LFE knob from the panner disappear. Now, if I don’t assign the audio tracks as objects and route the tracks directly to the bed, meter and LFE assignment works properly but I don’t have the tracks as objects in the renderer.

What I’m missing? from my understanding you have to assign your audio tracks as objects in the ADM in order to do the mix.

This is in a MacBook Pro with M1 Pro. OSX 12.4


I think both have been covered. If you do a search you’ll find it I’m sure.

Can you please send the links with the information?


There is no solution to the issue in the forum

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My guess is that changing the metering is a somewhat big deal for programmers, at least in terms of spending time to get it done (since the signal to objects appears to be taken out of the signal chain pre-panner), and that the way LFE is routed is really a Dolby limitation (for what appears to be good reason given what the LFE has been intended for historically).