Dolby Atmos Meter not working & LFE object assignment not working

Hi guys

I’m trying to setup a session from scratch in Nuendo 12.0.40.

When I assign my audio tracks as objects the meters and the LFE knob from the panner disappear. Now, if I don’t assign the audio tracks as objects and route the tracks directly to the bed, meter and LFE assignment works properly but I don’t have the tracks as objects in the renderer.

What I’m missing? from my understanding you have to assign your audio tracks as objects in the ADM in order to do the mix.

This is in a MacBook Pro with M1 Pro. OSX 12.4


I think both have been covered. If you do a search you’ll find it I’m sure.

Can you please send the links with the information?


There is no solution to the issue in the forum

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My guess is that changing the metering is a somewhat big deal for programmers, at least in terms of spending time to get it done (since the signal to objects appears to be taken out of the signal chain pre-panner), and that the way LFE is routed is really a Dolby limitation (for what appears to be good reason given what the LFE has been intended for historically).

By Meters do you mean the signal meters at the end of the channels?

I am also noticing that any Dolby Atmos Objects the meters don’t work.

Every other type of bus seems to show signal except these. I am not seeing the signal flow visually when hunting for the output. Infact to me it looks like the track is BROKEN.

The only way to know that it’s outputting sound is to MUTE it … this feels like a totally broken implementation. If it is deliberate I don’t understand.

If it’s a coders are having issues adding actual meter values to this, even just a GREEN BOOLEAN flashing light to indicate it’s got signal is better than visual silence.

Here’s a screen shot of what the tracks look like with FULL signal going through them.,… nothing.


I just posted this then had to reload a complex project - and spent 5 minutes hunting down the output because I could NOT see the METERS showing SIGNAL… Seeing Signal on a channel is mental muscle memory. You can trace your signal ,… because you can SEE it. I thought it was being bypassed… and then remembered… I need to MUTE it to test if it had signal… that is counter intuitive!

The metering for objects may be disabled on purpose. An object by definition is not assigned to a speaker channel but will be assigned in the end device based on available speakers in the room. As such any meter readout would be theoretical at best and not reflective of reality. I believe the idea of the color coding of the dots in the renderer is supposed to be a 3 value meter replacement.

Of course some people create objects that are panned to likely speaker positions, and that is valid, but not the original intent of objects.

That makes sense… from that point of view, but to see if signal is going through the object would be useful - even if it isn’t a full meter as I mentioned a boolean indicator would work (a basic yes signal - green light, no signal no light) is better than nothing.


Simply, say in 7.1.4, a Dolby Atmos object is 7.0.4 (no sub, low frequencies are distributed everywhere else equally) and a Dolby Atmos bed is 7.1.2 (with sub, but only two centralized pitches).