Dolby Atmos Plugin Suggestions?

Looking for 7.1.4-capable plugins but there don’t seem to be many yet.
Our studio will be running a high-end 7.1.4 monitor setup in about 2 weeks when the custom cables/wires, amps. and the remaining 4 monitors arrive.
We’ll be mixing streaming music (most of the time) and film.
After some experimentation while waiting for the rest of the gear to arrive, I’ve realized we’re in need of some more plugins.
I don’t expect to find any hardware emulation plugins and classic hardware is what I know best so I’m wondering what plugins you guys are using in Atmos and what you think of them.

Plate reverbs? IR reverbs? Buss compressors? Mastering EQs? Delays?

Vienna Suite Pro is 3D compatible (… although not explicitly made for “ATMOS”). It covers all the basics (and then some):

VIENNA SUITE PRO - Vienna Symphonic Library

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Cinematic Rooms for sure.

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