Dolby Atmos Production Suite vs. Atmos Mastering Suite


I am still learning the ins and outs of Atmos. I have a question I hope someone here knows the answer to:

What is the difference between the Dolby Atmos Production Suite versus the Mastering Suite?

Other than the price difference…

DAPS=same computer as DAW
DAMS=separate mastering computer.

Software is essentially the same.

Cinema DAMS or RMU /RMW (Dolby has a problem naming stuff) is always on a separate workstation and the software has additional features.

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On this page, you’ll find your answer. The big advantage of the Mastering Suite is the EQ and room calibration capabilities.

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Plus, It is intended for multi room facilities as it comes with 3 Dolby Atmos licenses for prep work etc.

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Just a bit further to this. For the Windows user, running DAPS on a separate MAC, to take advantage of features like binaural and re-rendering, also works well. You do need a high channel count interconnect like MADI or Dante. I had an older PC (Hackintoshed) with MADI I/O sitting about, and it’s doing great service as a DAPS renderer, slaved to my studio PC ( with MADI).