Dolby Atmos Renderer 3.7 Now Available

This much awaited version allows you to marry video with Atmos audio, rather than just black video as before. Here’s the link:

Dolby Atmos Renderer 3.7

Is this renderer needed as an extra to Nuendo for Atmos or will the internal Atmos renderer work just the same?

The Nuendo renderer will only export an ADM/WAV file - not an mp4 - so if you want to marry Atmos audio with video, you’ll need the latest external Dolby renderer. Up until now you needed the hardware version of the renderer to marry audio with video - but now you can at least create an MP4 with video you choose and Atmos audio.

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Much more useful. Now, does this update magically appear in our integrated Nuendo renderer? Probably not until another Nuendo update.

I might still buy the Dolby Atmos plug ins renderer, so I can deliver test mixes to my clients, hoping they get excited about this stuff.

Dolby’s own Atmos renderer is no plugin… btw

Um… they do have a version that is a plug in inside Pro Tools HDX… Not sure how it would be inside Nuendo.

They have two versions: A stand alone one, and a plug in one you buy at

Sadly, it is not easy to see which version does what. I think I might send an email to Dolby directly so they can help me out.

have fun… and much luck :wink:

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Hi all,

the Nuendo Dolby Atmos plugin is just the renderer. It can export ADM-Files for further processing in DAMS, DAPS or DEE. There is no encoder included (what many of us want). A downmix to 7.1, 5.1 or Stereo is offered in the plugin.

DAPS or DAMS have an encoder included too. DEE (Dolby Encoding Engine) is pure encoder.

In a nutshell …

DAPS can generate (encode) from ADM-Files a binaural stereo file, or a Dolby Atmos in DD+ as mp4-file.

From what I know (just from reading), DAMS can also generate Dolby Atmos TrueHD.

Another tool to generate Dolby Atmos in TrueHD is the Dolby Encoding Engine (DEE). It can generate all of the above from Atmos ADM files. Binaural, Atmos in DD+, Atmos in TrueHD.

LG, Juergi