Dolby atmos

Interresting to say the least:

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Thank you for sharing this!!

Wanna hear something cooky?

Just two days ago I was on another forum where in a “subsection” someone asked about alternate custom configurations for surround. It got me thinking and I thought that one should “encode” the channels and individual sounds independently in a 3d space using meta-data and then have a game-type engine extract it to whatever playback system configuration is available… I even thought it could be something to patent…

…Next day… Atmos… Swear to god… I’m always like a year late to the party with this stuff…

There are currently two systems that can operate with such speaker configuration:
IOSONO 3D WFS and the announced Dolby Atmos. Though IOSONO already has it for
years now.

Yes. But I haven’t seen any IOSONO 3D theaters in Finland. I guess this Dolby is aimed more to “normal” cinema theaters/multiplexes than specially build auditoriums and planetarios etc. as it has downmixing option build in. So one soundtrack can adopt to any speaker systems that is in use in various theaters.

But I must admit. I might be talking here with too big of a mouth as I really don’t know Iosono that well :smiley: Have to go and google :smiley: :smiley:
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Hi Tumppi,

I’ve once heard their Wavefield-based 3D system, which is truely mindblowing. They’ve already done a number
of “normal” cinema installations, many of them in Asia. They have a software called SAW (Spatial Audio Workstation)which is the object-based mixing frontend for Nuendo.


Looking at the Imm Sound website they are pushing their system as part of a Pro-Tools workflow, is anyone working with immersive sound on the Nuendo platform and what with etc., and will we all be mixing in immersive sound in 6 months? Or is it going to take a year…cant see anything about immersive sound on the Steinberg web site, I know Dolby only announced Atmos officially beginning of month but its been rumoured as coming for over 6 months so is Nuendo getting left behind again?

Don’t think its gonna happen anytime soon. But a move to right direction anyway IMO. Iosono has a competing system also. But it will be hard even for Dolby to break this thru as world isn’t even 5.1 proof yet and I believe it is even harder for Iosono as they come “outside”.

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You can find a nice IOSONO article in the latest Resolution Magazin …
Just got my copy today.

IOSONO might be very good system, don’t. As I really don’t know about Dolby Atmos either.
But for a newcomer like IOSONO to break thru over trademarks like Dolby, DTS and SDDS is hard.
But competition is always a good thing. Anxious to see if either system will make it…

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It’s a matter of business model. IOSONO is not a newcomer anymore as they’ve 30+ installations already. Competing with Dolby is very hard, although the question is whether Dolby can create a closed format or not. It’s always a questions on the content creation side.