Hi, I downloaded the Dolby PHTRF (their version of HRTF) and tried to introduce it in my Nuendo Dolby render but there is no place to do that. Is it going to be an upgrade?


Nobody knows yet. They will presumably have a new version of the renderer in Nuendo 13 but what capabilities Dolby allows in it are unknown, and probably under NDA until release. Dolby is EXTREMELY cagey with what kind of licensing they do for DAWs like Nuendo. Not just what is licensed, but even what they will allow to be licensed.

So basically, just have to wait and see what happens.


I downloaded 3 months ago and is in Beta, but it really got released in March 2022, so, how long is their Beta version last? Shame on them and that will not ensure anything for Steinberg either. Understandable.

No idea how long it’ll be in beta, Dolby hasn’t said anything about that either. Lik eI said, Dolby isn’t great about communication.

Davinci Resolve recently gained PHTRF capability and 9.1.6 monitoring for their built in Atmos renderer. It’s reasonable to assume Nuendo 13 will get the same. Resolve just moves faster.