Don`t understand how to activate N 5.5


I have just upgraded from Nuendo 4 to N5. I do not understand how to activate latest update 5.5.3.
I only have the activationcode that came with the box and whentrying to use that code to get 5.5.3 working the program will not accept that code…
What am I doing wrong here?? Please help!!

The best/Micke Söderlund

You need to get a new code through your my steinberg account.
First, check to see if the code is already in your account.
If not…
Log in and fill out a support ticket or whatever its called.
The code will then appear in your account 1 to several days later.

Hi , Thanks for answering!

Yes I did sent a report yesterday and now I am waiting to see whats happening…
Strange what a lot of job just to update :nerd: