Done: PLEASE let us disable activating Loop in the Ruler

Yes, this is an issue and not a feature request.

Every single human I personally know who uses Cubase gripes about this, as well as a huge amount of people on the forum. This has been requested for such a long time yet refuses to be fixed: Let us have the option to disable activating Loop in the Ruler. I’ve been using Cubase for many years and I still activate loop accidentally all of the time in the ruler – these are the little things that can make working fast on Cubase a chore instead of a smooth joy. No other DAW I’ve used has it like this for a very great reason. I’m sure it had a good intention behind it, but at least let us turn it off.

I’m begging you. Truly, begging. Thank you for listening and implementing this now.


If I understand your request right, this is possible since Cubase 9 or 9.5 (if I’m right). Move the mouse cursor to the upper part of the ruler (in the Cycle area). The cursor changes to the hand. Click. The Cycle switched On or Off.


What you’re describing is exactly what I’m saying I would like to be to disable because I (and many others) very often engage loop by accident because of this design.


I see, so you want to remove this feature, right? Or at least you want to be able to disable this behaviour in the Preferences.

+1 I would actually go as far as saying that I utterly hate this “feature”

I’m not the OP, but Yes!

The ruler is 0.7cm tall on my monitor (104 PPI, nothing crazy), and I too find this feature very annoying.

having two bands with different behavior on such a narrow space makes us be anal about it instead of boldly sending that mouse pointer flying into the ruler to COMMAND Cubase to start playing RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW :wink:

+1 Very annoying… I’m glad it’s not just so for me.



As many times as I can…


+++++ !!!

I’ve never activated this by accident and I didn’t even know it was possible, but I’ve never liked the two-slice ruler, and I’ve had to become accustomed to avoiding the part that I don’t need.

Yes, Martin, exactly.

Being able to disable it would be great in case some people like it for some reason…but there have been many, many complaints about this here since it was introduced, so I hope they’re listening and will implement this change ASAP.

Absolutely! It was a terrible design choice in the first place, and it’s one of those little things that annoys on a daily basis.

Although unfortunately, once a “feature” is in place, Steinberg aren’t exactly known for reconsidering their decisions very often (which is why I also don’t hold out much hope for the right-click context menu being un-butchered anytime soon…)

I do hate it, but nowadays i’m SO USED to alt + shift + click anywhere in the project window to move the cursor (I think it was introduced in 9,5) that I almost never click on the ruler. And it’s SO MUCH faster to use it instead of the ruler.

pgstudio is right, solution is either to get rid of the mouse to move the cursor or to use alt + shift (or an other modifier of your choice, just assign it in the preferences)

These are workarounds and are usable (I use the modifier key already), but the real solution is for Steinberg to make this “feature” an option so that no workarounds are needed if one doesn’t want them (i.e. how Cubase was and how all other DAWs are for explicitly great reasons as far as this issue is concerned).


I hate this ‘feature’.

Everyday I accidently press cycle that I don’t wanna…
Each time a client decide to point on the ruler, it selects the cycle mode… :confused: