dongle and 5

Will the dongle work properly through a USB hub-type device, i.e., a device that allows you to connect multiple usb devices through one usb port?

The dongle will share the hub with an ilok and a wireless mic receiver. Thanks

All my dongles are attached to such a device and they work properly. However they are all eLicenser type, no iLock dongles here.

Aloha Capt

There has been much discussion about this over the years.
Check the old forum for info.

The upshot is: it depends.

Some users have found that a powered hub is needed while others can get it to work with a non-powered hub.

Still with other users no hub will work.
For them the dongle must be plugged directly into the puters’ USB port.
(this is my case)


I have elicencer and ilok in the same hub, no problems.

I have a powered hub, USB2.0 with an AC adapter. Works fine. I don’t know how it behaves without the external power, though.

Get a hub that supports transactions per port.