Dongle Autotune 7

Helo I want to use Autotune 7 with Cubase 6.
Can I buy via web and use the same dongle of Cubase 6.
In theory is right… but is true?

I live in Argentina and here there are not shops that sell Autotune.


Ariel Gato



So I need to buy the box with all… right?

Regards from Buenos Aires

You need an Ilok.

I have one with Cubase and I use the same for Wavelab 7 too.
Don´t work with Autotune?


“Don´t work with Autotune?”
Your Cubase /wavelab key will not hold an auto tune licence which uses a different type of key

What you’re using with Cubase is called “elicenser” (, and what you need for Autotune is called “ilok” (! The ilok is upgraded to a newer version with a new shape and i does look now really similar to the elicenser but is actually a different animal! Not sure if both the old and the new ilok versions are compatible with Autotune 7, but whichever it is it should work with Cubase 6, personally I am using the old one with Autotune Evo in Cubase 6 just fine!

Thank you very much for the answer!

So you are working with the Autotune EVO with Cubase 6 and the same dongle elicenser?

My problem is that here in Argentina there are not shops that sell Autotune.
I was thinking to buy via web the soft and try with the dongle of Cubase.
If not I will need someone that buy the box in USA and wait for it.

Time and more time… :slight_smile:))

Best regards

Hi Puntoar.

You are still not understanding something important.

Even if you buy Autotune boxed edition, you do not get an iLok included.

You have to buy both an iLok & the software as well…so you could buy the software download version (assuming there is one available)…but you will have to buy the dongle locally or have it shipped from abroad.

There is no way to run it using the Steinberg dongle.

No, I am using Cubase 6 with elicenser, and Autotune Evo with ilok - two dongles! Both need to be inserted in the computer in order to use the Autotune in Cubase! And yes - the ilok for the Autotune is sold separately, it cost an aditional 50 bucks (and then some more for shipping!), the Autotune is sold alone in the box with registration code which you use to download the license for Autotune on your ilok dongle - pretty much the same scenario as with the Cubase license installation on the elicenser! As for a place where to buy it from - I bought mine straight from and then the dongle from! Hope this helps!

Great, now is clear!!

Thank you very much!!!