Dongle Cubase 7

Hi guys

My dongle is damaged and Cubase doesnt work…

What is procedure to buy new one and what is cost of it?

Thank U


this can only be carried on via Support, please fill out a Support Request.

Where are you located, please?

USB-eLicensers can be purchased from any local re-seller or on the Online Shop:


Approx a half hour later and Steiny responds.

How kool is that!?

Go Steiny! and a major ‘mahalo’ to Fabio.

Hi Fabio. Thank U for your kind answer.

Im located in Slovenia, Ljubljana.

I already spoke to my local distributor and he told me that my dongle has code of my software.

Or does it mean every dongle Will suite with my Cubase?

@ DAW: I’m sending you some info via PM. BTW, only USB-eLicensers can be used to store licenses, a generic USB thumb drive won’t cut it.

@ Curteye: thanks! Had to google “mahalo”, but now that I know… a big mahalo your way :smiley:

A broken dongle? I’m not sure how the robust piece of plastic engineering I purchased could ever sustain an injury.

You’d think for the price to manufacture these things they could be a little more durable My son managed to crack mine in half (just removing it from my laptop) the 2nd week I had it. Luckily some sticky tape came to the rescue it seems to be enough to keep it working.