Dongle Elicenser damaged


I noticed tonight that my Dongle / Elicenser has got a bit damaged. It;s a bit “bent” and the casing has come slightly loose. I’m on version 6. Is there a route to getting this replaced Steinberg?


Yes, you can buy a new one in the Steinberg online shop and replace the old one with that.

You can transfer licenses across dongles yourself (as long as it still works obviously). They are easily dragged and dropped across dongles from the eLCC software. Don’t forget to register your new dongle afterwards for support.

Thank you! £20 or so - not too bad.

Every single Syncrosoft dongle I’ve owned (3) and seen (4 more) have been cracked by the usb connector - even new ones straight out of the box. Not very well made.

I’m using an adapter to avoid damaging the connector.

Something like this:

Using this I can manage elicenser key between different computers avoiding damages to it.

just a thought , if u have a fixed PC in place , i would put it inside the case , with this PCI USB cards, 4 extra USB ports , many come with 1 or 2 ports inside in the card inside the PC , not a solution 4 for a portable situation…i try not to move mine , here i cant buy one off the selves , no one stocks these…hope steinberg finds a better solution to these USB Dongles…s


I wrap 1 layer of clear sticky tape around my dongles (i have several) … never a crack or split ever. Always plug into USB ports directly too.

I think the dongles work well compared to other systems. Challenge/response is a nightmare … Server counts even worse. Carry around the original CD? Ha.

The dongle allows cross platform, multi machine, multi user, multi location functionality. But don’t lose it! Maybe SB/Synchrosoft should offer a nominal ‘insurance’ charge like the iLok. Abusers would be easy to detect with tracking. Although IMO experience SB support was very understanding when my Dongle once went missing.

Just my 2-cents


Same here. I got mine when I bought SX and WaveLab 6, and have been carrying it to and from the (then) studio for about 5 years: no problems. These days my studio is in my home’s basement, so it stays where it is - even better…

I have 5 dongle, four are cracked or just have covers falling off. I use mine mobile when doing sessions and also performing. I wish yamaha would come up with a device that is sturdy. I have 2 iLok and have never had one fall apart. Its sad that this happens

Another topic that comes up regularly. Mine was also cracked out of the box. It’s been working fine for what must be around 2 years now, but I really don’t want to carry it around much.

ok what happens if u lose it , or it gets stolen , or doesnt detect 4 some hardware reason ??? how does SB handle that , is it a good idea then to have another one as stand by with all the licenses registered on it ??? this could give rise to using 2 versions of C6 ,@ 2 different locations , SB would lose here , i am sure they have a way around this , i could do with a stand by … in case of the above issues …( as i cant just buy one off the shelves , is that possible??
thanks s

If your dongle is registered with your steinberg account, the license can be restored at the cost of just a new dongle.

Know that is true, the issue is Steinberg like iLok has other software designers using the their Dongle so it isn’t just a matter of dealing with Cubase support (which doesn’t always reply immediately) . For example all my Vienna software is on this as well as other companies. VI charges for each license it restores to a key (out of warranty is over year old). $35.00 per license and with over 20 VI license…well you can understand the math. Also the time down even if for 2 days while using these dongle for your living can be costly.
I am not against the use of copy protection, I think it is great. My issue is in using an inferior product/hardware to keep cost down. I would rather pay 10-20 more for a USB device that will last (like iLok key). I would also gladly pay fair rate for a zero downtime option so no matter what happens I am covered with point and click at I have all my hardware/software/dongles insured for theft at replacement cost everywhere I go in world. I believe in eliminating all chaos because, if it can happen it will happen.
I know these are what if issues, if I am in another country and using these products what will happen. If I book a session and something happens how can I restore so I don’t lose my customer forever etc… I am just hoping that they see the need and fulfill with a working solution, maybe even a pay for solution for pro’s that uses a renewable web based license app

I have all my hardware/software/dongles insured for theft at replacement cost everywhere I go in world.
this is good , by the way does SB have a warranty for the usb dongles from the day they r purchased , or registered??? so u can send the faulty one back 4 a replacement ??? thanks s

I don’t know it seems there is no universal policy on licensing and each developer handles situation different. Prior to insuring Dongles and also software I discussed with Vienna and they informed me that (I am paraphrasing) all license issue (damaged dongle)for them are handled by elicenser and they have cost involved in creating new code for keys. So I assume that you do not get the same product code when you replace dongles. VI also charges 50% of initial price of software if you lose key. So if you spend 10K it will cost you 5k for new software/dongle…that is why I insure dongle. It seems from reading here that Steinberg is more understanding of loss issues.
Elicencer keeps tabs on what is installed on keys when you update (I guess) and if one is damaged I assume that it must be returned to generate a new code??? It would be interesting to understand process involved in replacement for both lost/stolen and damaged items for SB.

I would call sweetwater, guitar center (or favorite store) for an answer to your question they should know. If you find out please share info
Sorry if I rambled lol

I would imagine Steinberg would replace a damaged key that was damaged in package (if the product came from them).
If the product was bought from a retailer, it’s their responsibility to replace the damaged item (in this case, the dongle).

You may need to return the old one, however, from what has been posted on this forum, it’s simple to replace the licenses on a damaged dongle.

That’s because Steinberg owns e-licenser.

. VI also charges 50% of initial price of software if you lose key. So if you spend 10K it will cost you 5k for new software/dongle…that is why I insure dongle.
this is a crazy rip off… i am sure their servers will have all records of all the elicenses… appreciate SB though … so should i have a 2nd back up Usb dongle just in case ??? thanks s

Not sure what you want to accomplish with 2nd Dongle. Yes it is good to have a spare BUT (its a big but 2) you can of coarse only install the license for most software (some company like Rob Papen allow more install) to one key at a time.
There are so many threads out on VI about this cost… I am sure they will work w/customer if it happens but they responded if you lose your jewelry the people you buy it from won’t replace it free, so get it insured. They also feel that people will say it was stolen and they share the software (who would do that when you pay ao much) Wasn’t one I wasn’t going to win no matter how much I argued so I just pay insurance. Eastwest policy is really good though…Vienna will give you a free 60 day (?) license while you work the detail out so at least you aren’t down.
I am glad SB understands that life happen though :slight_smile:

I just purchased the Zero Down Time and replacement insurance for my iLok. it is a great system. You simply log in once within every 90 days to update your licenses.

The problem is not damaged … it’s “lost or stolen.”

The whole point of a dongle is it’s possession. How does the software vendor know if you really lost it or had it stolen … or you just want a second license set? Many companies on iLok will require you to buy a complete new license.

Ideally you would get two dongles … but then some people would sell on one of them.

Another method would be to require a log in and use of a system authorization (a computer ID) each time you used the dongle on a different computer. When you moved it back to another computer, you’d have to again log in and authorize. That way, if stolen it would be useless … so there would be no reason that a simple replacement policy wouldn’t be in order.

Back to my point: I feel secure now with my iLok, but not with the eLicenser.

I wish there was some type of similar loss or theft protection for my eLicenser software.