Dongle-free Cubase 12 Pro/Halion Sonic SE 3 vs. dongle-required Halion 6

Hi, does anyone of you have experience with owning both Cubase 12 Pro and Halion 6? I currently am on Cubase 11 Pro and was thinking of upgrading, but wondered about the following:

Cubase Pro 12 includes Halion Sonic SE 3. Both of these should work with the new licensing system i.e. without dongle. Whereas Halion 6 is still legacy-bound to the dongle.

So how will Halion content behave when Cubase 12 Pro + Halion Sonic SE 3 + Halion 6 are installed and no dongle is present? I would assume the Halion Sonic SE 3 content would work and Halion 6 content not. Is that the case? Or does Halion 6 replace Halion Sonic SE 3 and therefore none of the original Halion Sonic SE 3 works without a dongle?

Thanks for clarifying!

Yes, it is. You would also probably get error message about missing licenses for Halion 6.

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The way you described it sounds accurate. Hopefully they convert Halion 6 over to dongle less but I suspect they may wait until Halion 7 for that.

Yes, putting work into an old H6 release does not sound smart, Steinberg will probably wait until H7 is out to ditch the dongle. I wouldn’t mind Halion 7 coming out soon :slight_smile: