Dongle-free (Steinberg-Licensing) GA expansions

Hi guys,
It is about time for GA expansions go dongle free pls. I have some sound content but it still need the dongle to use them.
Last night I ended up removing them* so I could use Cubase completely free from eLicense dongle.

*Purple, Prime Cuts, Neuro Mind Set, Future Past Perfect, Colliding Worlds, etc.

Thank you

+1 on this

They’re getting there slowly. They released a bunch of Retrologue and Padshop libraries at the end of last year. I would think we’ll see the GA libraries starting to convert soon. That’s just conjecture, but they have stated they’re working on converting everything current.

It been a while now. I just got tired of the dongle.
I am sure will be sorted soon or late.
This is just a reminder :smiley:

Yes please… I just need to get my GA5 expansions libraries off the dongle and I can then ditch it.!!

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Just these add-on content to go dongle free please

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Some of this content are already free of the dongle on Absolute 6.
Hopefully they will be available for the standalone Groove Agent soon.


+1, would be good

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I kind of want to get the Purple expansion, but having it locked to one machine’s soft-elicenser is a complete showstopper…

GA expansions freedom :joy:

For my surprise yesterday I received on my account a voucher for prime cuts, dark planet, future past perfect.

Slowly but surely.

Check your My Steinberg account.

Thank you Steinberg.

Remember us

Neuro Mindset pack please asap too.

This morning I received a voucher on my Steinberg account for all my Groove Agent Expansions. (Neuro Mindset, Future Electronic, Colliding Worlds, Purple and so on. ) Happy days.

**Check your My Steinberg account. **

My Steinberg ring are completely dongle-free. now.

PS:. Goodbye dear dongle. Good to meet you. :smiley:

Thank you, Steinberg,

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Unfortunately Steinberg has not yet migrated to Licensing Simon Phillips’ Studio Drums library, one of the best (if not the best) GA5 library. I don’t understand how they haven’t done it yet

Thank you Steinberg…

It would have been nice if they had sent an email to everyone…
I had no idea that the vouchers were there, until reading your post…

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Steinberg Licensing should now be available for all Groove Agent 5 libraries. Please check your vouchers tab again.

Thanks ! (Late noticed it)