Dongle to dongle license transfer

With the news that Steinberg are changing their licensing system, and assuming they will cease the sale of dongles, in order to keep my CB 10.5 running well into the future I think it’s time to replace my dongle. For the last 4 or 5 years it’s had bits drop off it, and generally been held together with Sellotape.
My question: Is it really a case of plugging old and new dongles into the same machine and moving license from one to the other? will all licenses be transferred? Is there anything I should be aware of?

Yes, it is just that simple.

Great! Thanks Steve.

But this will no longer be possible once the servers that manage e-licensing are shut down. A local, off-line, transfer from one dongle to another of a license is not possible if I understand correctly …

The servers will be on for a long time before that happens.

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