If Steinberg would be able to find a way to copy-protect C7 without using a dongle i would be profoundly happy.


Then there is indeed a small chance of you finding true happiness.

Hello all,

I don’t know about Pro Tools or Slate, but here are the developers I have talked to:

  • SoundToys: “We are aware. It’s actually a system we have to implement, so it will take some time, but we do plan to utilize this new feature as soon as possible.”

  • “As you can imagine, we are studying the new system, and we have good hope that it could be possible. Perhaps of the beginning of next year, but not sure :wink:

  • Kush Audio: They’re looking into it.

  • Abbey Road: “We do not currently have any plans to support this feature, but we have made a note of your comments and will ensure to keep them in mind and pass them on to our developers when appropriate.”

I suggest if you have products that use iLok and you want this feature that you e-mail the company and let it be known that you support it.
You can add us to the list.
We are not planning to get rid completely of the eLicenser but we are currently working on an alternative licensing method for the USB-eLicenser (dongle).
The new alternative will benefit laptop users and users without a dongle will be able to download and use the trial.

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Guillermo Navarrete, Product Specialist
Hamburg, Germany
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Aloha guys,

Interesting thread. I’ll keep an ‘i’ out.

Yep i did not expect that!

Is the new method using firmware of the device or laptop?

Pretty sure they’re not going to tell us… :laughing: