I have one question
my USB dongle is always connected to my PC
should I disconnect it when I don’t use the Cubase 8 or it’s not necessary to unplug ?

Hi and welcome,

You can keep it connected. No problem at all.

Yep keep it connected…Directly not thru hub…and in a safe way so it doesnt hit with anything or something like that!

Do keep it safe, if you have a labrador make sure he does not eat it, it looks like a dog biscuit but cannot be replaced by one.


Not necessarily - mine has been connected via a hub for years and works fine. It also lets me put the dongle where it won’t get knocked into. But a hub should be the 1st suspect if you are having problems with detecting the dongle. On the rare occasions I travel with the dongle, it is on a USB extension cable and wrapped in a protective sock.