Donner DMK25 PRO midi remote script? -- beginner needs help setting up MIDI keyboard

I bought this MIDI Keyboard (Donner DMK25 Pro) that claims it’s ready to use out of the box, which is technically true in that the buttons and keys are capable of playing whatever instrument or SFX I select in Cubase LE AI (which was bundled with this device). The problem is that some of the assignable sliders and knobs are not being properly configured in the program, nor are the transport buttons (the latter are treated as assignable sound pads/keys as well).

I was dismayed to find that Donner was not included in the list of Midi Controllers for the program, and when I looked online for user-created scripts I couldn’t find any for this particular device. People talked about it but didn’t share how they had set this up.

I’m new to music production and devices like this, and I’ve been disheartened that my experience hasn’t been very new user friendly so far. If I understand correctly, I need to set up the MIDI remote in Cubase for the keyboard’s full functionality (eg. the transporter buttons and assignable sliders/knobs) to work. I’ve tried manually setting up the MIDI keyboard using the Cubase “MIDI Remote” panel, but it doesn’t seem to recognize the buttons I’m assigning in the layout. They remain orange (signifying they are “incorrect”), and my changes do not save when I exit the panel. As far as I can tell I’m assigning the correct elements of my MIDI keyboard to the designated controls in the program. I’m even trying to arrange the elements in the same places on the “MIDI Remote” panel grid. It’s still remaining orange and I can’t fathom why.

How do I fix this problem so that I can properly use the assignable knobs and sliders, and use the transporter buttons on my device as intended? It’s inconvenient to record things by having to click on the keyboard or use my mouse, and I have a strong feeling I’m missing out on other quality-of-life features that my MIDI keyboard might be able to provide should it be programmed properly.

There is a manual, but it doesn’t provide specific instructions on how to program the MIDI keyboard for Cubase LE. It even says on the transport button section that it needs to be mapped manually.

If no one can point to a user-script, then I guess I’ll settle for just figuring out how to map the transport buttons. Where in Cubase LE do I go to do that? When I go to edit the MIDI control surface in the Midi Remote panel, I don’t see the transport buttons as an option to map. I tried placing a button, then right clicking and going to the MIDI Remote mapping assistant, but even after assigning the appropriate function to the button and arranging it on the grid, it still remains orange. When I try to save and exit, it says the orange elements are not correctly programmed and will be erased. So what am I doing wrong?

I’m attaching screenshots of the manual, the MIDI Remote panel controller surface editor, and the MIDI remote mapping assistant (with the configuration for the button that is orange.)

What an unhelpful lame post. I would suggest you get a clue. Amanda needs actual assistance, not a diatribe from you.

I do not have that device, but observed this in the manual:

Yep, tried that too. Even though my MIDI keyboard is plugged in, the app says that it can’t detect it, possibly because of DFU mode being active. I can’t seem to figure out how to switch this mode off, and I didn’t see an answer in the manual about it. I’ve emailed Donner support for help with that as my Google-fu has yielded no specific answers. (Sorry, my deleted comment was just this same message. I thought I hadn’t hit reply, but I had.)

Okay. I plugged the keyboard in first, then started up Donner Control. But this doesn’t appear to be the way to get the transport buttons properly mapped within Cubase LE. As far as I can tell, you can change if the button mode is momentary or toggle. I have no idea what CC or CN are. I’ve attached a screenshot of the Donner Control page.

This seems more like it’s for tweaking how messages are sent, changing the scale of the keyboard, and changing the lights on my keyboard (because the velocity pads light up), not necessarily for programming buttons within programs for specific usage. (Like my Intuos drawing tablet does for various programs. There I can program macros and assign keystrokes/clicks to the various buttons on the tablet buttons and the tablet pen.)