Don't believe there's no chord assist in cubasele8

I was lead to believe that I had to download a chord assist vst like CHORDZ or something… Then I went and downloaded it and didn’t feel comfortable with it…so being a little stubborn I fished around in my cubasele8 daw and lo and behold there is chord assist…lol…well if anyone else is lead to believe there is chord assist only in cubase pro I’m here to prove different…
It’s in project- chord pads…


Not sure where you received your information but, the chord assistant is clearly listed on page 527 of the CB LE8 op manual (right in the chord pads section).

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Reading manuals is a problem for the average Cubase user…


Chord Assistant in the Chord Pads is something else then Chord Assistant in the Chord Track.

Chord Pad’s Assistant is “just” a Circle of Fifth. Even though it’s very nice and helpful, it’s nothing more.

Chord Track’s Assistant allows you to make the whole chord progression automatically. In Chord Track, you define chords like C X X X D, and Chord assistant offers you several ways, how you can get from C to D, magic! The Chord Track Chord Assistant is Cubase Pro only.
Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 09.20.06.png

I saw the video about chord pads on YouTube(showing the chord assist)…I didn’t distinguish between chord pad assist and chord track assist…sorry…