Don't delay opening plugin windows when Ctrl/Cmd isn't held

When Control or Command is held when clicking to show a plugin window in the Mixer it shows up right away. It’s better if it always opens without a delay.

Above demo shows “Ctrl” under the cursor if it is held. Only then the window shows up instantly.

I have tried this and have the same faster results.
I agree

Sounds related to this topic from the CB8 forum.

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That response in the old forum is the same as mine. What could this possibly solve that is worth defying everyone’s wish for a responsive application?

If it’s for dragging, there doesn’t need to be a delay. It just has to respond on the release of your click. Or don’t make it draggable on the part of the buttons. (Chrome does it like this with the X buttons on tabs.)

Yes, this is weird and 100% unnecessary. No delay is necessary when opening up a plugin…just open it immediately! Little things like this help make Cubase feel a little slow.


This was recently posted as an Issue:

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