Don't Erase old VST from CUBASE !!!

I see that plug ins like:

  • quadrafuzz
  • Magneto
  • Tonegenerator
  • Bit crusher
    Disappera in the newest Cubase version but that plugs are very usefull.
    For example:
  • tonegenerator is fundamental for tune the mixing room and for made Drop bass effect
  • Quadrafuzz is the best plug for made parallel track bass distortion and the sound is identical to the Hardware BIG MUFF
  • bitcrusher is wonderfull for simulate 8bit music
  • magneto is one of the bast plug for make hotter the rock voice or for raise the snare overtone

You can simply download them from the Steinberg ftp server!!!

Yes but seems that on new Cubase 64 bit don’t operate… Or in the new cubase windows 7 tell me “this is not good for this HOST”.