dont know how to change the colors

how can i change the colors of the Cubase 7 like the old cubase 5?
thats too much dark, thanks

FIle > preferences > appearance.

i dont know how to cange it like the cubase 5 colors…

Normal : Steiny has thrown away the ‘Preferences/Appearance/Work area’ page and reduced to a minimal state the '‘Preferences/Appearance/General’ one, despite the fact that these two are described in the C7 manual (p.704-705) as they were in previous C5/6 versions. Result : a true regression which, among others, keeps me from using C7 at its present state as my day to day Cubase version.

I made several threads and issue reports about this, and even a PM message to someone who is involved in the process. Still waiting for an answer…