Don't let this happen to you!!!!!

I’ll try to be brief…
I got 7.5 for Christmas and got it installed, upgraded to 8. All good so far. When I opened 8 for the 1st time, I got the message that “Aero” needs to be enabled, not working etc. I went and set the computer (PC) to run for best appearance, hit apply…waited and waited…nothing. I did a forced shutdown by holding the pwr button down. That’s when the problems started. The computer wouldn’t boot into any mode. It wouldn’t boot using a windows boot disk, nothing. It would try to load but got hung up on a file then quit loading. I think this problem was caused by me stripping windows down a few yrs ago to get the max performance and then when i enabled the “set for best performance” option, it went crazy…anyways, that’s the 1st tip, if you strip windows down, keep a copy of what you did and reverse it BEFORE trying to run cubase 8.
Now the REAL fun begins…
I used linux to get to my files off the C: drive. I copied all the files to a WD mybook stand alone drive thinking I’ll do a reinstall, copying everything back to the C: drive, problem solved…nope…
linux never got the appdata folder during the backup and I forgot this was where cubase stores a lot of info and I didn’t know it would be hard to force the appdata folder to be copied. Imagine my surprise when I couldn’t find my songs, templates etc. I had to use a file recovery program to get my stuff back(I’ll post the link to it later, it’s really good and kept all the file paths and it’s FREE). Oh, if you find something missing after a backup ASAP run the file recovery program because the more stuff you copy back to the C: drive the bigger the chance you are overwriting what you need to get, don’t surf the net either…

I really want to know why they do this, as it has caused me HOURS to fix. It should be on a folder that is accessible.
If it was, I would had gotten it when I backed up my files.
I will be changing all my file paths to a folder that won’t be hard to see or copy.
Again,don’t let this happen to you…

It would help if you give your system specs, like OS etc.

Somehow this doesn’t seem Cubase related

Don’t know why you posted in a ‘legacy’ Cubase forum section, but I tend to wonder if it is also not a Cubase related issue.

I WILL recommend using an image software, something like Acronis to make a perfect working image of your OS/Programs hard drive, while your system is running like a champ…this way, you may never be caught with your pants down again…hell, I could have made several posts over the years entitled “Don’t let this happen to you!!!” regarding making ‘images’ :slight_smile:

It takes less time to wipe the drive clean, and install an image (complete with OS, programs & all drivers!) made with Acronis than it takes to reinstall an OS…not to mention, the added time it takes to install all your drivers & programs.

Of course the other option would be just to reformat & start over…depending on how many times you find yourself doing that, you may consider making images at some point…it happened a lot for me.