Don't mess(f***) with our colours Steinberg - very annoying development decision

Thankfully, I was able to hack my old Cubase project colour setup palette into Cubase 10.5 and still use it - haven’t tested this with Cubase 11 yet,



Why are you forcing us to use certain colours? Why are you getting rid of true black? This is very annoying. I have a bunch of utility colours used in PLEs that I want clearly differentiated in appearance on the project.

Don’t replace my colours - that I have a developed logic and organizational method behind - with colours you’ve chosen.

Give us the full colour spectrum. do not limit it, this is silly. I have done my own very specific colour protocol.

very annoying change

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Maybe other people prefer the new color format.

then choose the new colour format??? Do you need to force that on everyone else?

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I don’t work for Steinberg.

No duh

I was pointing out your initial pointless response, which you and another user seem to be in the habit of doing.

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You were posting as if you were speaking for everyone. Maybe you were mistaken. Just saying.

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I - am - speaking for everyone - they are forcing us all, the fact that some may like what they were forced into - doesn’t negate my post.

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You take yourself VERY seriously.

I do mate, life is short and precious, time is limited… don’t fk with my setup.

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no, you don’t…

I wonder if this was a dying wish of 2 million covid deaths . I think you need to chill a bit , you should know some times Steinberg steps back once in a while to move forward , lifes tough , don’t have a heartattack over a first world problem

1.) COVID is irrelevant and overblown. This many people are dying all the time in non-‘first world’ countries.

2.) I’m actively involved in trying to improve life for people in non-‘first world’ countries and to the extent that I can is based on the success and efficiency of my operations and personal life.

No bodies having a heart attack, I expressed my annoyance in language that is typical to me.

Everybody has been forced into this new colour protocol since Cubase 10 coming from 9/9.5, keyword - ‘everybody’.

stop posting in my threads,

@LoveGames I miss the full range color palette too, especially for setting the GUI darker personaly. but it’s their decision, and they must have their reasons. Requests have been addressed in that respect and the answer was: No.
Maybe in the future they will step backwards. Who knows?

Furthermore, I know your way of expressing your view, but sometimes some moderation would be beneficial.
For example, I am not sure the “(f***)” in the title of your thread would serve your cause :wink:


We follow some guidelines from Microsoft and Apple when it comes to define the color palettes that can be used in Cubase. The current ones will stay for the current versions until further notice.
The older color palettes have been removed from the software intentionally. That’s why legacy colors can still be shown, but newer preferences are not supposed to contain those colors anymore.