Don't open instrument on creating multiple instruments at once

Currently, when the user creates a new instrument track, Cubase helpfully opens the instrument once the instrument loads. This is great behavior when the user is loading one instrument.

However, this behavior is unhelpful when the user is attempting to load multiple instruments in one command - the cascade of windows to then be manually closed and cleaned by the user is not desirable - and should be disabled in that case.

Yes! +1

You can set a preference to avoid that.

I was going post this very same question. Thanks for the tip about that Preference, Steve. I didn’t know it.

Just in case there is also a ‘‘close all plugin windows’’ key command.

Best option in my opinion, one click and all plugin windows close!!


We want that preference on. I have a key command too but it’s still an extra thing to do, slowing workflow. Cubase intelligently switching would be awesome. 1, load, more than 1, don’t load. An extra option next to that preference would be perfect.

oh this is great thank you

You’re welcome :slight_smile: