Don't see any presets of plugins - kind of solved

Can’t find any presets in most plugins i.e. in Plugins Alliance bundle. In 32 bit version they are seen.
Pictures attached for comparison.



I could be wrong but it looks like one screen shot shows the VST2 version of the plugin, and one shows VST3.

The two plugin formats have somewhat different preset workflows. Maybe it’s a clue.

Indeed but anyway - no presets available… Perhaps I’ll try to reinstall and see what happens. - checked and nothing :confused:

Nobody helped me so I had to do it myself :wink:

Seems that in WV 9.5 presets are searched in \Program Data\VST3 Presets folder
but all presets are stored in \Users\User name\VST3 presets\plugin. So I have to copy them manually. Not cool…