Don't show large time signatures above top staff

Does anyone know if it’s possible NOT to have large time signatures (and tempo indications etc.) above the top staff (woodwinds) of an orchestral score, but only above the brass and string section? In an orchestral score I have checked system objects above brass and strings, but unchecked woodwinds, but it appears above woodwinds anyway.


Not possible (yet).

Ok, I’ll cross my fingers and wait :slight_smile:

I’ve found a workaround (maybe it has already been mentioned elsewhere, but I couldn’t find it):

In Engrave mode, select the time signatures above the top staff and drag them outside the page. In this way they will not print.

If you need to show them again, go to write mode and double click the time signatures still visible and the “fake hidden” ones jumps back into place.

The same procedure works with tempo indications (and probably all system objects(?), but I haven’t checked).

Of course I would still prefer that it was an option you could just check, but for now I’m just happy it’s possible to make the score look the way I want :slight_smile:


This is the same method most of us currently use for spare fermati. I’m excited for D4. I’m always so pleasantly surprised by the new features I never would have dreamed of and the copious tweaks that are made to streamline current features. Hopefully dragging items off screen to hide them will be streamlined.