Don't understand how to save new default text/font when pressing shift+x?

I’m doing a project where I need to put in roman numerals and do some figured bass stuff. I press shift+x to add the text and have to change the font to the figured bass one. I messed around with the library font and paragraph settings, changing figured bass to default but it didn’t make a difference. I don’t understand what to do? Thanks.

I followed this and it didn’t help.

You shouldn’t mess with the Default paragraph style. My advice would be to create a new paragraph style, set it as you wish (Font, size, etc.) click Ok. Then reopen the paragraph styles window, select your new paragraph style, click on the star you can find in the left column, at the bottom. Then ok again. Now you can open Preferences> Key commands, write your paragraph style in the search field. You should be able to create shortcuts for system text and staff text with that new paragraph style.
Hope it helps!

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Are you not using the built-in Figure Bass function?

Without showing us what you’ve done, and what you’re trying to do, it’s very difficult to provide help. Can you show us a sample project file, or screenshots of the problem.

But: Shift X is the key shortcut for Inserting Text in the Default Text Paragraph Style. You can then change the paragraph style from the drop-down list.

As Marc says, if you save your own styles as defaults (so they are in any document), then you can add key commands to them.

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