Don't understand the automation interface between Accordions 2 and Cubase 13

I just used the Accordions 2 sample library from Edouardo Tarilonte. I like it and am beginning to construct automation tracks for it. This MIDI instrument has a “register” parameter, which controls which octaves the accordion plays. Actually, it controls which of a set of I believe 8 reeds the accordion will use. When I load this instrument through Kontakt, the Kontakt VST has a dial called “register”. I have it linked to a quick control and have that linked to an automation track. The “register” seems to have values between 1 and 8, but the automation track seems to go from 0 to 127. The track editor allows me to add control points as usual, but the “value” is always listed as 1.

I found out about the project editor window and the logical editor, so I thought that I could figure out what magic was going on. After looking at a LOT of obsolete tutorials and help pages, I finally discovered that the project edit window had been removed in 13. So, the automation track seems to be storing “register” information in something with two values, the first of which is always 1 and the second of which I can’t access.

This whole process of having many independent companies using the same names for different data fields is, frankly, getting out of hand.

Luckily, I don’t have to change registers in my current usage of the Accordion instrument, but do you have any suggestions?

I did make some progress. This reminds me of the UACC interface found in Spitfire Audio. For these instruments, there are several discrete articulations. You can change them either by striking certain keys, or by having the Spitfire instrument use a particular controller (#20?) to send articulation values, say, 3 for spiccato. This is different from the usual controller channel value between 0 and 127.

In Accordions 2, there is a rotary knob called “register”, which changes the reed that the accordion uses. Like a UACC, it seems to transmit small integer values. So, does Cubase have a more general “controller” interface for which Spitfire’s UACC is just a special case? Could anyone point me to some documentation on this?