Donwload Assistant stop the download


I’ve been trying to download Iconica Ensambles for four days.

Whenever Steinberg Download Assistant comes about halfway through the download it stops and shows an generic error…

if I close and reopen steinberg download assistance the download “restarts” always from 16 gb, but when it reaches the middle of the download the usual error still appears …

I also tried to change the destination hard disk, but I got no good results

I have last version of Stein. dovload assistance (10.20.2)

Can you help me?

in attachment the error screenshot:

I will ask my colleagues in our support team if they have any ideas about what might be going on.

Thank you very much Daniel!

I take the liberty of giving you a little advice. it would be useful to split large files into smaller files.

I second that. Iconica Opus is impossible to download for 3 days already. STATUS graph shows slow download speeds (sometimes less than 1 MB/s) and then there is this VERIFY word popping up, and it stays like this till the morning after. So far I could manage only Sections & Players Strings to obtain (33,73) GB.

Steinberg, give us some other link. I just can’t get Iconica, and it drives me mad :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Have you tried the dedicated VST Instruments forum?

No, because there isn’t a download assistant section