DOOM meets Steinberg Dorico & Spitfire Abbey Road Two

Hi there, in recent days I was testing the new capabilities of Dorico Pro and it was opportunity to create string quintet arrangement of one of the most famous DOOM game song - At the Doom’s gate. There were Spitfire Abbey Road Two used for this purpose. Enjoy!

Everything was done in Dorico, no other DAW for sound production.


Welcome to the forum, @Pavol_Brezina .

Your youTube link did not arrive intact, perhaps because you have not been on the forum long enough for the link to go through. I’m sure many of us look forward to hearing it.

Yes, I cant post it as whole link but I hope that shortened link without http is enough.

Found it:


Me too! Very nice. I have this library and it’s really well suited for this kind of sound!

How complicated is the expression map setup? (Asking in a personal capacity rather than as a Steinberger.)

If you are using expression map that was already created, it is very easy, just load and click apply in playback templates. All is set. And then you can tweak whatever expression you want or create new one based on your preferences. |I is easy once you understand the process. You are using Expression maps in Library menu for creating keyswitches for specific VST instruments and then in Playing techniques menu you can create your own techniques if needed. All other expressions is mapped automatically if you load existing maps.

Thanks for posting @Dup

Lovely.! Sounds super slick… :wink: Bravo @Pavol_Brezina

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Sorry, I meant, how complicated was it to create the expression map? Or did you get it from someone else?

For most modern libraries the expression maps can be downloaded from Steinberg website. I installed existing Abbey Road Two maps and tweak it little bit

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Great! I can’t remember the tune from Doom - but maybe I never reached that level :melting_face:

It is the first tune when you start first level :smiley:

Gosh! just shows how bad I was!