DOP monitor level. Please help

I know people have a bad time with the monitor level in dop. I’m not here to beat a dead horse. What I really need are some suggestions with how to deal with it. I compress and gain a clip to be at -24dblkfs in my project window. Nothing happening except compress and clip gain. When i pull the event up in the dop window to add an eq, the level is so low, I can’t work with it. Adding 12db in the control room while I preview can’t bring it up to match the project playback level.
How do you use this dop window so it’s useful? What’s your workflow? I hope I’m just doing something stupid. Thanks for replies,


If you don’t want to preview just the given Audio Event, you can simply playback instead of Audition.

The preview allows me to adjust parameters while it’s playing. That’s a lot different than adjust, wait, play, adjust…