DOP: Pitch Shift - Envelope not working

Hey there,

I’m using the “Pitch Shift” process within the DOP quite frequently for my sound design work. The standard “Transpose” module works as expected, but the “Envelope” part of it doesn’t do anything at all.

The way I see it, we should be able to draw a curve to modulate the pitch of a sound over its lifetime. But no matter what curves and settings I use, the sound doesn’t change at all.

Is the envelope working for someone or is this a bug?

Welcome @Enec0 to the board. So I ran a test in the latest Nuendo version 11.0.2 and the envelope is working fine here. Make sure to set a high enough range for the effect to be more audible.

Thanks for getting in touch and running a test on your end. Unfortunately the envelope won’t work no matter the settings.

I recorded a video of the issue but apparently this forum doesn’t allow me to post neither a link nor the video itself and I even can’t send you a private message as there is no such thing here - WTF? How am I supposed to show people my problem?

By the way, I’m on the latest version 11.0.2, but it actually never worked for me on any of the previous versions (Nuendo 8 / Nuendo 10) either.

okay please try to load up Nuendo with default system preferences and test it that way. Feels like a file in your preferences may be corrupted.

hold down Shift-Ctrl/Cmd-Alt. Opens the program with the current preference settings . Disables the current preferences , and opens the program with the factory default settings instead. it will save your current prefs and allow you test with default.

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Thanks for your input. Using the default preferences did indeed fix the problem and the envelope is now working as expected.

Is there a way to determine which preference could have caused this error and only thrash this one? Cause I would like to avoid setting up every single preference again.

Okay glad it works. Hard to pinpoint exactly as I haven’t had that specific problem. Here is a list that describes most of the preference settings. Make a copy of each one you change first and move it out of the folder as you can always drop it back in to get your settings back as security. Try defaults.xml, maybe that one. Not 100% sure

Preferences of Cubase and Nuendo – Steinberg Support

I just exported all my settings as a profile, let Nuendo delete my old preferences and reimported my profile. Everything is back to normal now and the envelope is working as expected. Thanks again.

Your welcome happy to help :slight_smile:

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