DOP shows up on all events on the track

Hi there,

Been playing around with direct offline processing tonight and noticed something strange the seem like a bug, but it’s so obvious that it must be me doing something wrong.

Let’s say I cut an event in two to have 2 events and apply DOP to the first event. Everything is good and I hear the change.

If I then click on the other event it still see the same plugins in the DOP window (not expected) but I don’t hear it (expected).

Where do I go wrong here? Thanks!


When you applied the DOP to the first event, did you make a New Version, or did you click Continue? Depends on this, the process has been applied to all events or not.

I don’t recollect being given that option Martin, but I’ll check. But please notice that the plugin is shown on both events but only heard on the first one. Doesn’t really make sense. Will check later when at the computer. Thanks!


I expect the plug-in is not bypassed in DOP, right?

Thanks Martin - at some point I actully dragged a bypassed plugin to DOP which had me fooled for a second. However it’s not that. I have made a video showing the (potential) issue. Here I do two things:

  1. I click “new version” and the distortion (notice the change in the waveform) is only applied to the first event and when I select the second event the sound is clean. All good. I undo a lot in the video then.

  2. Then at around 1:18 I select “continue” (not new version) and then the effect is still applied to the first event (I expected this - notice the distorted waveform) however if I select the second event the plugin is shown (I expect this) however the sound is still clean (I didn’t expect that - also notice the waveform).

Is this correct behavior?

Here is the video:

Any thoughts on what is going on here?


I can confirm. Reported to Steinberg CAN-29113.

Great to hear - thanks for confirming. Seems like such an obvious bug to me that I seriously thought it was me using it wrongly.