DOP->splitting and stretching MODIFIES and CUTS audios

Hi all,

I tried to use DOP with some plugins like Izotope RX6 and waves on splitted audios and if I undo or delete the operation it “cuts” or totally modifies the next audio that was splitted. Example:

  1. Take an audio file with 3 dialogues in a sequence and split it into 3 separate files with one dialogue each
  2. Use RX6 or waves plugin on the middle file (some times it takes forever)
  3. Undo the process or delete it

The audio after the audio processed is modified or cut . Even if you undo everything, some times it does not solve and you have to import the audio file again. This did not happen with version 7.1 It does not happen all the time but mostly 85% of the time . I had to go back to version 7.

Anyone experiencing this?



Windows 10

Nobody? Is it just in my computers?

Maybe nobody actually uses N8 and everyone just waits for the next update…

Thanks Oliver…you may be right. I found workarounds for these problems and thought somebody could be interested.


I certainly went back to N7! I couldn’t stand that iron cross cursor (LOL). :smiley: :laughing:


I had a similar problem with RX6, I solved it by turning off the Auto Apply function in the DOP and manually use

Thanks for your answer Proabe. Sorry for the delay. It was fixed with the last SB update.