dorico 1.0.20 - signposts for dynamics - not working?

setting the color of a dynamic to 0% opacity hides the dynamic but doesn’t put up a signpost.

measure 2 beat 1 of the attached dorico file contains a hidden dynamic (fff) but no signpost.
Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 9.04.01 AM.png (202 KB)

That’s probably because setting opacity to zero is a work-around. What I hope we will see is a property that will let us truly hide items without using opacity.

Adding my 2 cents to this somewhat old discussion.

In attached pic, I would like to hide the dynamics after the first bar and just do sim. for the remaining bars. This way I get the desired dynamics on playback without cluttering up the score.
Hide Dynamics.png

One way you can do this by way of a workaround for the time being would be to set either the Prefix or the Suffix property for your immediate dynamic to " " (i.e. a single space character), then set the ‘Show intensity marking’ property to be explicitly off: you’ll then find that the dynamic no longer draws anything other than an empty space character, but still plays back. It will not currently show a signpost, however, under those circumstances.

Hey Daniel - very belated follow through on this. If you forget where you did this little trick - is there any way to find it after the fact - given that there is no signpost?

You could make a bar selection, filter dynamics and deactivate the ‘show intensity marking’ property in the properties panel. That will at least show them again.

Thanks Florian, that works.

Of course I still have to remember which bar I did this in, but I think my memory cells are still intact enough to keep that in mind. :slight_smile: