Dorico 1.1 eLicense Available! Moving away from composing

Hello, my Dorico 1.1 eLicense is available. I am moving away from music composition and daily composing. I paid the $559.99 full price for this Dorico 1.1 eLicense. A great notation software. $280/€247. Send me a PM or email me at Thank you.

Hello Daniel Nahoaani, can you please describe your 1.1 eLicense. What is it able to do?

He just means he has a license for Dorico 1.x he wants to resell. eLicense means he’s not using the USB licenser.

Unfortunately, unless the software has never been installed/activated, it’s not possible to sell a Soft-eLicenser-based license. You have to move it to a USB-eLicenser in order to sell it. This is discussed in detail here.

AH, I always thought elicense meant soft not USB. So, this could be either.

Thank you Daniel at Steinberg for clarifying. Yes, since I registered this software and then unregistered it I will need to put the license on a USB-eLicenser; and with that being said, I have now put the license on a brand new USB-eLicenser! Please be aware, that you will need to pay to update from Dorico 1 to Dorico PRO 2 which is USD $99. This product version is 1.1 bought on April 30th, 2018 by myself at This is a professional selling post for a Dorico 1.1 license. Thank you Steinberg for allowing this post. This is a big life change for myself so I thank you all for taking this opportunity to hear me out.

Please, if you are interested in obtaining this Dorico 1.1 license, send me a PM here or my private email at:


  1. Pay half the donation fee via PayPal, bank transfer, etc.
  2. I ship USB e-Licenser with Dorico 1.1 License with a tracking number.
  3. Pay the remaining donation fee and activate the license.