Dorico 1.1 license?

Hey guys! I am a Dorico SE user. I just want to know maybe giving the first version of Dorico free of charge, i.e., Dorico 1.1 Thanks!

Isn’t Dorico SE already free?

I don’t think that’s a wise marketing decision. Actually, I think that Dorico SE is already a ton for being free!

I agree with Lucas. Dorico 1.1 lacked many features that have since been added, but many of the functions that worked a particular way in 1.1 work differently in 3.5 (selection and navigation, for starters). Aside from that, v1.1 won’t work on modern Macs (Windows is more forgiving).

Amongst other things, Dorico SE does a nice job of advertising many of the capabilities of Dorico 3.5. While I was already on board by Dorico 1.1 (which was the fifth public version, incidentally), Dorico 1.1 really wouldn’t advertise the current state of Dorico at all well.

Ah, I misread, you meant the full Dorico 1.1. No, I don’t expect that to happen.

Indeed. I am not aware of a single software that distributes previous full versions of their software for free as a starter.

I seem to remember that several years ago Adobe was giving away an obsolete version of the Creative Suite. Their motivation might have been different as the CS was around a lot longer than Dorico has been and this free version was fairly mature (useful) but lacking the most up to date features and system compatibility. I agree at this stage in its development, offering a free older Dorico would be fairly pointless. Maybe offer a free Dorico 3.5 in 5 or 6 years.