Dorico 1.2.0 How to connect midi keyboard?

Extremely basic question: How to connect midi keyboard to Dorico 1.2.0? Online video shows Preferences>Play>Midi Input Devices, but my Dorico’s Preferences (via the Edit Menu) only has ‘General’, ‘Key Commands’, and ‘Music XML’ categories, with no reference to midi input or midi keyboard.
Thanks, in advance, for your help!

P.S. I did find “Play” / “enable midi input”, but no sign of any reference to my particular midi keyboard . . .

It should be as easy as just connecting your MIDI keyboard, make only sure that it is connected before you launch Dorico. At startup it tries to open any MIDI port available on your computer and then allows input from there.
I can’t remember anymore, on Dorico’s main menu in version 1.2, is there already the item ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’. If so, click that and a zip file will get placed on your desktop. Please post that here. Thanks

Thank-you, Ulf! I’m so used to the difficulties when using Finale that I didn’t believe it could be that simple!