Dorico 1.2 Percussion Bar Rest missing

Hi, does anybody have this issue as I do?
Bar rests are missing.
Even Notation Options has been set.
Insert Bar Rest isn’t working either.


This is how that kind of situation is notated at the moment. We will look into adding an option to ensure that if one voice is active on a five-line kit presentation, then the other voice should be active too. The existing options won’t have any effect, and nor can you create an explicit bar rest on either a grid or five-line staff presentation at the moment.

Thank you, Daniel.

Has this situation changed? In drum set writing, it’s standard to emphasize that Bass Drum is not to be used, by putting explicit bar rests in (the equivalent of) Voice 2. That’s what the arranger’s score that I’m working from does, starting in the third bar. But I can’t find a way to place the rests where they’re needed.

You might want to check out John’s Discover Dorico YouTube video from yesterday (5/27) since it deals with percussion parts. Ironically one of the challenges he faced was getting rid of rests in a drum part, so his explanation might help you see how to keep them instead of getting rid of them.

Thank you, Derrek, but alas the two cases don’t seem to be alike. I’ve learned how to show/hide bar rests for other instruments, but Percussion writing doesn’t seem to offer the same choices. One can go against default behavior to hide specific rests, but not (as far as I’ve yet found) to show specific rests.

It is correct that you still have no additional control over rests in percussion kits than you did back in Dorico 1.2. We do plan to address these limitations as soon as it’s practical to do so.