Dorico 1.2 program disappeared - reinstall impossible

The dorico 1.2 program disappeared after windows 10 in vain tried to update my pc.
(I have the problem with the updater that cannot install the latest updates and try every day to do it. I usually stop the running updater when the popup pops up, but this time it started, gave up and reinstalled the version from yesterday. And this time not as usál. - all that is my problem)

The shortcut to the program was useless, and after a total search on the C-drive: Dorico program is gone.
I try to reinstall, but the installer says it still is “installed”. I try to install Dorico 1.1 but the answer - still" installed".
I try to uninstall - “target file do not exist”.

Normally you can by reinstalling use a “repair”-function. What can I do ??? I use Dorico for all new projects, and use it daily for many hours.

You’re probably stuck in a registry pickle.

First try this:

The this:

Download the Dorico Full Installer (NOT the update installer). This might allow you to select “reinstall” from the radio buttons. (I checked with 1.0.30 Installer I had socked away.) Then update to 1.2 with the update installer if needed.

Lastly, if those fail to let you reinstall, then use regedit to delete the key folder “Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH\Steinberg Dorico” and it’s subkeys. (This is not an approved method.)

Dear Traubitz
Thank you for your kind advices. I have tried everything, and nothing helps. And cannot find the regfile.
I will now contact Daniel directly, because I can’t reach any of the help functions. It’s a bad day. Would have liked to arrange, not sweat with technique in vain.

Sorry it didn’t help. One more thing you can try as a temporary measure until Steinberg can get you more proper help:

Create a new user on your computer with admin privileges. Log into that new user and see if Dorico will install. That might give you a working version until Steinberg support can sort out what’s up.

please try these steps to solve the problem:

  • Install the latest eLicenser Control Center:
  • Open the eLicenser Control Center. On a Windows system you can access it via Start > Programs > eLicenser.
  • Apply the “Maintenance & Online Synchronisation” by clicking on “Perform Maintenance Tasks” (or click on the “Maintenance” button).

If this doesn’t help, please use the support form that you can easily access via your MySteinberg account:

You ought to kindly send me a screenshot showing the eLicenser Control Center window.

Thank you - Traubitz & Oscar
I left the PC for a moment - and of course solutions came. From you and out of the air.
I found my more than a year old original cd-s, installed, and Dorico could even remember my latest files and danish shortcuts.
Back to work.
Thank you very much for your concern from an old fool.
Arne Dich