Dorico 1 and earlier versions of Sibelius--a perspective?

Regarding Sibelius:

According to this Wiki article:

Sibelius was originally developed by British twins Ben and Jonathan Finn for the Acorn Archimedes computer, under the name Sibelius 7. Development (done on RISC OS fully in assembly language) was started in 1986…

The program was released to the public in April 1993 on 3.5-inch floppy disk.

So Sib has been in existence for approx 30 years, while Dorico has been for 4.

Also these release dates are taken from the above article:

Sibelius 2 ( released)in 2001)
Sibelius 3 (in 2003)

So looking at Sib 2–the earliest version I could find information on, (though theres also included some small stuff about Sib 1.4 there):

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and Sib 3:

(please start with creating music:)

I never used an version earlier than Sib 5, and that for only a short time–and it was said in another thread concerning Fin1, about it being very bad.

So my question is–how buggy were the earliest versions of Sib? And from what I could find above, how did their features stack up against Dorico 1?

Sib 2 was already 15 yrs old when it was released and Sib 3, 17 years old. And although the times they were both created in might probably be taken into account, and other factors, does this help in putting things into some kind of perspective- comparing time in existence, degree of bugginess, and features when released?
Even cost of the first versions if known?

I ordered Dorico but dont have it yet, and again are not familiar with these earliest versions of Sib.

And I cant wait to use Dorico, and eventually leave Sib behind. HUGE Kudos to Steinberg, Daniel and team:)

Thanks Bob

Ps And Finale was released in 1988, which makes it 28 yrs old.