Dorico 2.0 on Windows 7 and display scaling in Win. 10

I cannot find a list of the system requirements for Dorico 2.0, and would like to use it on Windows 7. Previous upgrades of v.1 seem to work fine for me on Windows 7. Unfortunately, my Windows 10 laptop is not much use for Dorico, as it does not show very much of the score unless it is made too small!

I mentioned the excessive space taken up by the Dorico UI on my Win 10 laptop at the bottom of this thread:, pointing out the problem that Dorico actually scales to 200% when 150% is selected in the Win 10 control panel. I gave more details and screenshots in this thread:

Has this problem been addressed in v.2.0?



No, there is no change to the way Dorico appears on high-DPI screens on Windows in this release, but it’s something we will tackle as soon as we can.

Dorico 2 is not officially supported on Windows 7 but it should run, provided you have all of the latest updates from Microsoft, and have the x64 version.

Blimey! That was fast…

Thanks for your response, Daniel. I do keep my 64 bit version of Win 7 up to date.

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I believe the panels in Dorico 2 have been redesigned to be a little smaller than those in Dorico 1.2

Yes, Leo, but not 50% smaller…