Dorico 2.0 Pro Trial Restrictions

Hi there,

I asked for an activation code for Dorico 2.0 Pro and read something about that I could try dorico without any restrictions.
So, i want to change musical font - option is missing. Copy Staff Spacing: missing and so on…
My question is now: Are there restrictions or not or do I have the elements version?
If I have the elements-version is would be strange because my eLicenser says PRO, the start picture says PRO, the about says PRO…

The easy way to tell which version you have is to look at the tabs at the top left of the screen.

If they say “Setup Write Engrave Play Print” you have Pro. If “Engrave” is missing you have Elements.

“Music Fonts” and “Staff Spacing / Copy Staff Spacing” are both in the Engrave menu.

Welcome to the forum, pkaufmann. You should find the option to change font is in Engrave > Music Fonts, if you have Pro, or in the Edit menu if you have Elements. Copy Staff Spacing used to be accessed by a button located in the left-hand panel in Engrave mode, but as of Dorico 2.2 it has been moved to the Engrave > Staff Spacing submenu.

Thanks. Sorry. Found everything. It was just in other locations than in your tutorial videos, so I was confused :wink: