Dorico 2.0 - Timpani Pitch Changes

I’m trying to put timpani pitch changes over a multi-bar rest (as shown here):
Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 2.47.05 PM.jpg
I’ve combed the manual, videos, and forums, and I can’t find a way of accomplishing this without it breaking the multi-bar rest. I’m guessing there is a way to accomplish this, but I’m just missing something.


How about attaching it to just before the multirest, then drag it right in Engrave mode? You’ll need to remember to shift it in both score and part.

Possible, but awkward. Immediately preceding the multi-bar rest is another multi-bar rest, and an instrument change before that. So I’d be attaching timpani pitch changes to the last note of a suspended cymbal roll MANY bars away from where the actual pedal change should happen. I agree that I could get that to look correct, but it feels like it runs against the grain of the extremely musical philosophy that the Dorico programmers have been implementing. I’ve been hoping that there’s a “break/don’t break multimeasure rest” option somewhere that I’m missing (like the one in the expression designer in Finale). Might not have made it in yet, though. If not, I’ll certainly use your suggestion!

Well in that case, why not go to the right of the last multi-rest and then drag back?